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Randel's Practice


Practice Areas


Drug Crimes
-Possession of All drugs (misdemeanor and felony)
-Manufacturing and Delivering
-Marijuana Offenses

Serious Traffic Offenses
-Reckless Driving
-Driving on Suspended License
-Driving without Insurance

Serious Felony/Misdemeanor Offenses

 -Murder / Manslaughter
-Sex Offenses / Failure to Register
-Assault / Assault Family Violence
-Terroristic Threats
-Theft Crimes (Burglary, Robbery, Shoplifting, Fraud)
- Weapons Charges / Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon
-Probation Violation and Revocation Hearings
-Bond Hearings 


     First, we gather every single police report related to the accusation and subpoena 911 and dispatch recordings. Then, we go to the crime scene, take photographs, record measurements, and interview witnesses. After a thorough investigation, we listen attentively to our client’s side of the story.

    The techniques we use are highly effective because they always reveal inconsistencies in police investigations. Mistakes, misconceptions, and even blatant lies are not uncommon and are frequently exposed during our exhaustive research.

     Our team understands that cross-examination requires intense preparation coupled with a well-thought-out and farsighted trial strategy. These efforts are implemented along with the expertise acquired from over a decade of legal knowledge and experience.

     Our process requires strong communication with our clients. We pride ourselves on being available and responsive and know that being on the same page aids in achieving desirable outcomes.


     Here at the Law Office of Randel Cross we pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients. If you have questions regarding your case reach out! I can be available to speak with clients in the evenings and weekends if necessary, as well as during the business week, as my court schedule permits. 

     Please feel free to call me for an initial appointment or free phone consultation. If we are not able to answer when you call please TEXT, and send me an EMAIL. I can often times check my text messages and emails when I'm in the court. 

     I fight passionately for my clients. As your attorney, it is important that we have a relationship of mutual trust. I look forward to assisting you. 

Hi I'm Cross


Randel S. Cross

     Randel S. Cross has over 10 years experience in the legal profession. His practice is primarily focused on Criminal Litigation. When you need your rights protected, he's who you want in your corner! Randel has a unique ability to sense weaknesses in the Government's investigations and utilize those to the advantage of his clients.

     Randel also understands Texas Jurors. He is able to communicate the law effectively and clearly during the voir dire selection process giving his clients the best chances for success during trial. After all, we are all human! Randel brings a unique skill set and strong results-oriented background to your customized defense strategy.


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